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Miniature Oil Lamps

One of the most popular areas of collecting in American antique lighting is the miniature oil lamps. As in the standard size oil lamps, hundreds of miniature patterns were originally made in many beautiful colors. There are a few theories concerning the original purpose of the miniature lamp. But many Antique Dealers believe they were used as a nightlight in a child's room. When lit they emit a warm and comforting glow throughout the room.

We complete our reproduction miniature oil lamps with solid brass miniature burners, tripods and collars. All glass lamps are functional (Metal based lamps do not hold oil and should be used for decoration only.) The solid brass Gem Arctic, Nutmeg or Acorn kerosene burners are all working burners with cotton wicks. The glass patterns are all mouth blown and the lamps are available in a variety of vivid colors. Our patterns range from the patriotic "Shield and Star" to the romantic "Sweetheart" to the nostalgic "Twinkle". We hope that you will find a pattern that will light your fancy.

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Ball Shade Holder for Nutmeg Burner

Mini Ball Shade Holder for Nutmeg Burner

Daisies & Vine Miniature

"Daisies & Vine" Miniature ON SALE!

Garden Floral Design Miniature Lamp

Garden Floral Design Miniature ON SALE!

Beaded Floral Design Miniature

Beaded Floral Miniature ON SALE!

Owl Miniature

Owl Miniature ON SALE!

Miniature Plume Lamp

Oil lamp, Mini Plume, amber, complete ON SALE!

Miniature Violets Lamp

Oil lamp, Mini Violets, amber, complete ON SALE!

Miniature Beads & Fleur-de-lis Lamp

Beads & Fleur-de-lis Miniature ON SALE!

Miniature "Bullseye" Pattern Oil Lamp

Miniature "Bullseye" Pattern Oil Lamp