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Glass Lamp Chimneys

Our line of glass lamp chimneys and chimneys designed for kerosene lighting represents the largest selection in the world, so you can find the exact replacement for your favorite electric lamp or oil lamp.

Most of our chimneys are made of borosilicate (test tube) glass. It is more resistant to heat than regular glass and will not break as easily due to abrupt thermal changes. Also, our lamp chimneys work with dozens of different styles and sizes of lamp galleries and kerosene lamp burners to preserve the functionality and authenticity of almost any early or modern-day lamp or fixture.

Though many of our lamp chimneys fit common sizes such as No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 kerosene oil burners, 3" lamp galleries, and Aladdin lamps, we also stock a great selection of miniature lamp chimneys to fit early 00 Nutmeg, Gem Arctic, Pixie Night, Cresolene, and #0 Hornet oil burners, and many glass lamp chimneys such as Bauch 1-1/4", #6 Bombe, Kosmos #6, Komos #8, Kosmos #10, Wiena Bulge, Gem Lotus, Pearl Lotus, Kosmos #14, Duplex Oval, Duplex Round, and Italia Bombe lamp chimneys for early English and European oil lamps. We even have lamp chimneys for old marine lamps with #2 hinged burners including the Den Haan Gimbal, Cuddy #8208, Dual, and others.

If you need help selecting the correct lamp chimney please contact us at [email protected]


3/4" -  2-3/8" Fitter Sizes

3/4" - 2-3/8" Fitter Sizes

2-1/2" -  2-5/8" Fitter Sizes

2-1/2" - 2-5/8" Fitter Sizes

3" - 4" Fitter Sizes

3" - 4" Fitter Sizes