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Closeout Lamp Hardware & Finials

Choose from a ownderful selection of lamp hardware and finials.

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2"  Faux Ivory "Camel" Finial

2" "Camel" Finial ON SALE!

4" Ram Heads Finial

4" Ram
Heads Finial ON SALE!

5 1/8" Deco Finial

5 1/8" Deco
Finial ON SALE!

3 1/2" Drapery Finial

3 1/2" Drapery Finial ON SALE!

3" Torch Finial

3" Torch Finial ON SALE!

Glass Apple Trimming

Glass Apple Trimming ON SALE!

2 1/2" Grapes

2 1/2" Grapes ON SALE!

Cup & Saucer Rack

Cup & Saucer Rack ON SALE!

Wire Plate Hanger

Wire Plate Hanger ON SALE!

Arts & Crafts Style Candle Cover

Arts & Crafts
Candle Covers ON SALE!

Decorative Brass Socket Cover

Decorative Brass Socket Cover ON SALE!

13" "Viking Ship" Design Bridge Lamp Arm

13" "Viking Ship" Design
Bridge Lamp Arm ON SALE!

2" Green Plug Drop

2" Green Plug Drop ON SALE!

Torchiere shade adapter

Torchiere shade adapter ON SALE!

Medium Blue Ball Trimming

Medium Blue Ball Trimming ON SALE!

Iron and Brass Banquet Lamp

Iron and Brass Banquet Lamp ON SALE!