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Gas / Electric Combination Lamp Part Index

The Gas/ Electric Combination Lamp became popular in the early 20th century when electricity was available but the service was not predictable. Home owners wanted fixtures with both electric bulbs and gas light for a better chance that one of them would have service and you could use the lamp. The gas shade pointed up and typically had a 4 inch fitter shade, the electric shades pointed down and typically had a 2 1/4 inch fitter. Even though the shade fitters were different sizes, the shades would all match in design. You may identify the lamp part you need by name and click on the part in the image for related products on Gas / Electric Combination Lamp Parts.

Once you have identified the lamp parts you need by name, use the search or visit our "How To" section for proper sizing.

Gas Electric Combination canopy slip ring tubing Arm Back Gas Shade Gas Shade Holder Gas Finial Cliuster Gas Arm Bulb Electric shade Holder Arm Break