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How to Measure A Crystal Arm

Crystal chandeliers are beautiful fixtures. From the light refracting off the prisms to the ornate decoration, everyone can appreciate the look and fagility of a crystal chandelier. Our shelves are stacked to the brim with replacement chandelier parts including prisms, pins, wire, cluster bodies, and crystal arms. Often we are asked "How do you measure a crystal arm?" In this article we will identify the pars of the crystal arms and how to measure them.

Crystal Arm
Crystal Arm

Parts of a Crystal Arm

Each crystal arm has two Ferrules. One end of the Ferrule has a flange and one end does not. The flange Ferrule is a lip or edge where the bobesche or crystal dish sets.

nickel ferrule
Crystal Arm
Crystal Arm with bobesche
Crystal Arm

What Does this Have to do With Measuring a Crystal Arm?

To properly measure a crystal arm is it best to think about how it is positioned on the fixture: flange part up. The bobesche sits on the flange level, so arm must be positioned with the flange in the level position. On this table you can see how the flange positioned in the correct way can make a big difference on how the crystal arm gets measured.

Crystal Arm
Crystal Arm

Is That It?

Measureing crystal scrolls is a little easier. They are measured on the width from the flange to the widest part.

Crystal Scroll Arm

For more information about crystal prisms, be sure to read "Advice About Buying Prisms and Chandelier Parts".