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Staying Green

B&P Lamp Supply Cares

Since its inception, B&P Lamp Supply has developed, designed, and employed initiatives to protect and conserve precious resources. We believe it is our duty as members of our local and world community to be conscious of our behaviors and the impact they have on the environment. B&P Lamp Supply is committed to responsible behavior and has placed many initiatives into action for the conservation of resources. Here are a few ideas we have implemented:

  • Green Philosophy

  • Our philosophy was handed down to us from our parents and grandparents who founded our company a short time after having lived through the Great Depression. During those lean years, frugality dictated that nothing was to be thrown away that could otherwise be repaired or reused in some way. Restoring, reusing, and recycling has always been apart of our business and today the philosophy is embedded in our culture.

  • Product Recyclability

  • Our product line is focused on the repair and reuse of lighting fixtures. Every time a fixture is repaired, one less item ends up discarded and one less product has to be manufactured. Also, our products can be broken down into 100% recyclable parts. Restoring not only saves resources and materials for production, it helps preserve a little bit or our culture and history.

  • Recycled Packing

  • All of our boxes are made with recycled materials and our packing paper is recycled news print. We recycle any packing materials received and all cardboard materials.

  • Giving to the community

  • Being good stewards of the community means caring and giving. B&P Lamp Supply is a proud sponsor of many community organizations and supports the community through active participation and donations.

  • Green Building

  • We have been in business for over 50 years and have the same location since 1960. As we continue to maintain our location and building, we focus on friendly restoration. The heating and cooling units have been slowly fazed over to energy efficient units and our warehouse includes skylights for natural efficient lighting.

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